Facebook News Feed Changes

Alison Brown | Group Account Director Marketing, Social Media, Technology

The social media marketing world has been abuzz this month with reaction to Facebook’s announcement that it’s making significant changes to its news feed algorithm. The social media giant is prioritising “meaningful” person-to-person interactions among friends and family over posts from Facebook pages. These updates will result in fewer posts from pages in the news feed. 

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Raw addiction – the rise of ephemeral content

Alison Brown | Group Account Director Marketing, Social Media

In the constant push by brands to win the attention of customers on social media, one of the most successful strategies this year has been to use ephemeral content.

Ephemeral content is fleeting, timely and relevant. It is often shot straight from the hip and, as such, tends to be raw but at the same time innately human. This lends a greater degree of authenticity, engages more and aids cut-through in a cluttered online environment. Read More

Marketing Renaissance

Alison Brown | Group Account Director Marketing

Out with the new, in with the old

A marketing renaissance has occurred for some ‘old’ means of communication and brands looking to refresh their marketing strategies could benefit from taking a new look at old ways of doing things.


The biggest comeback of them all must be pre-recorded audio. Whether it’s business, tech, or true crime topics, people are enjoying listening to podcasts while they drive to work, take a shower or even work out. Read More

Blockchain, the Future or a Fad?

Christiaan Van Rooyen | Designer Technology

Image of connected world

As we evolve into the digital age the recording of transactions becomes more complex – be it exchanging goods, transferring money or making contracts.

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind all cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and has the potential to change the way we work and communicate, making it more secure, efficient, and trustworthy.

The growth of global trade has created a ledger system. Often each participant has their own ledger, and therefore their own version of the truth. Having multiple ledgers can create a system venerable to fraud, errors and misinterpretations. Read More

New Zealand Spelling Bee inspires

Ellen Irvine | Account Manager Lifestyle

Do you know what ‘pusillanimous’ means, let alone how to spell it?

I’d hazard a guess that 99 per cent of the New Zealand wouldn’t know that this word means ‘lacking in courage and resolution’.

Pusillanimous was the word that saw 14 year-old Lucy Jessep win the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee at the weekend. Read More

The art of good grammar

Julia Proverbs | Account Manager Marketing, Social Media

Woman texting on mobile phone

Socrates feared that writing would create forgetfulness.

In the 1500s, Swiss scientist Conrad Gessner feared that the printing press would unleash an overload of information that would be harmful to the mind.

With the advent of television, video killed the radio star.

And when mobile phones and text messaging were unleashed on the world, it was widely predicted that mankind was destined for a future in which we would all communicate in acronyms and abbreviations. TBH IDK (To Be Honest I Don’t Know) if that’s the case. Read More

A Hundred Words for Sand

Scott Macleod | Account Manager Lifestyle

Person walking on beach sand

They say the Eskimos have a hundred words for snow. After hiking Ninety Mile Beach, I can think of a hundred words for sand – mostly comprising four letters.

What to call the fine, white sand that twists towards you on the ocean wind, long lines snaking inches above the hard-packed beach, seeping through the mesh of your trail shoes and forming mini-dunes in your socks, just beneath the toes? And what of the coarse, gritty sand that infests your hair, ears and squinty-eyed wrinkles? Or the aggressive, penetrative variety that somehow invades your environmentally-sealed dry-bag to assail the joints of your camera lenses? What of the sand that inhabits the streams and, by extension, the bottle you dip for water? The one that imparts an unpleasant grittiness to your dry-lipped sips and an equally unpleasant crunch to your evening pasta. Read More

Instagram Stories – A must-have marketing tool for your business

Tyler Crawford | Junior Account Manager Social Media

Image of laptop with instagram stories

Since its launch in May 2017, Instagram Stories has proved popular with users of the social media platform. With features including livestreaming capability, boomerangs and a 24-hour life span, it’s also a marketing tool worth investigating for your business.

Instagram Stories has already surpassed Snapchat in user numbers, with an estimated 200 million users as of April 2017 compared with Snapchat’s 161 million. The benefits of Instagram Stories for your business are many: Read More

Don’t come at me with all those features and benefits!

Scott Harwood | Creative Director Marketing

Clark Stanley hawking Snake Oil Liniment

The old-school marketing approach of defining your niche and then trumpeting your uniquely tailored features and satisfying benefits has been a bread and butter strategy since Clark Stanley first registered Snake Oil Liniment.

Over time, advertising agencies have become impressively sophisticated in highlighting those features and benefits. We’ve learnt to fight the 15 signs of ageing (with Photoshop) and we all know there’s 11 herbs and spices in the Colonel’s special recipe. Marketers have relied on reach and repetition, often with a dash of humour or envy, to convince customers that of Coke is indeed ‘it’ (or was it ‘real’?).

We’ve bought into the promise of becoming better, faster and stronger, and we’ve told ourselves we’ve come to rational decisions based on those convincing features and benefits.

But is that what’s really happening? Read More